Pricing for Your Lifestyle (Workshop)

Is your business covering your living and business costs? If not, it's time to change. What do you use to determine the price of your services - time, expertise, unique value, client budgets?

In this webinar, if you or your audience are underpaid, tired of living by hourly rates or if your costs are greater than your earnings, you'll prove to yourself that you're worth more. Pricing for Your Lifestyle reveals the internal arena of pricing that keeps both you and your business alive. In identifying your True Pricing, you'll LEARN MORE about:

  • Costs considerations often overlooked.

  • Time considerations you're likely avoiding.

  • Understanding your offer so Value = Pricing.

I hope you walk away with a clearer picture of what you're worth and why. You need to stay in business in order to best serve the clients who need you. To do that, you'll need the finances. Sound pricing is a good start.

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